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Healthy living centres

The healthy living centre is a municipal health service for those with or in risk of disease, and who can improve their lives by changing their living habits.


The healthy living centre offers services to help people change and master healthy living habits. The services offered may include discussions on health, physical activities, changes in diet and quitting smoking.
There are a variety of physical activities offered at the healthy life centres. The aim of the healthy life centre is for participants to be physically active in their daily lives and to have better health in the short and long term.
Physical activities ideally take place outside. The goal is to help participants get in better shape, improve their strength, balance, mobility, energy and not least help them to socialise.


Target group

Health-promoting and preventive measures for the whole population, but especially for

  • People who engage in high-risk alcohol consumption
  • People with mental health issues
  • Elderly people.

Brochures, documents, maps, etc.

Cooperating authorities

Potential partners may be

  • Employers
  • Service user and migrant organisations
  • General practitioners
  • Volunteer organisations
  • NAV
  • Private actors
  • The specialist health service.


The municipality must offer health-promoting and preventive services in order to fulfil its responsibility under Section 3-1 of the Health Care Act.

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