Basmo fortress .
Basmo fortress from the latter part of 1600 was a part of the ”Oplandske” fortifications and was build according to plans made by General Major Cicignon. The fortress was abandoned in 1745, but a restoring process started in 1988. Basmo fortress is located on a steep hill between the lake of Rødenes and the lake of Hemnes in the North-Western part of Marker.

The Ørje fortifications.
The Ørje fortifications is a part of the border fortifications from 1905. They consist of The Northern an the Southern forts built on the hillside on the Western side of Ørje and armed with machine guns and cannons with an 8 kilometres range. Wittenbergåsen battery had cannons in six positions guarding Kroksund. These fortifications where built from 1902 during 1903 and demolished in 1905 as a part of the peace treaty and the cease of the Union.